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If you would like to contribute towards the maintenance of PearTree Church or help us to fund PearTree 400 projects including the restoration of churchyard memorials and celebratory historical events, please contribute here.

HB & Rosamon

Refurbishment of the Harrison Butler and Rosaman Memorials

We are busy rescheduling Pear Tree 400 events in 2021. Please keep checking the PearTree 400 Website for information and new dates.

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PearTree 400 News


Although all the Special Events planned for 2020 had to be postponed we were still able to complete a huge amount of projects in such a challenging year.


Please go to the PearTree 400 Website to see the list of accomplishments that were achieved in 2020.

Dear Friends,


A message from the ministry team.


Once again we find ourselves in lockdown and away from or nearest and dearest.


On advice from the Diocese of Winchester we again find our churches closed. Just because the doors of the churches are closed please be reassured that the ministry teams of St Mark’s and Peartree are available for you. We may not be able to meet up in person but we can still do our best to keep in contact with our congregations. Modern technology such as Facebook, Zoom conferences and Whatsapp are available as are a myriad of other communication devices. However, remember that some members of the congregation may not have access to those platforms and in view of this could fall out of the loop of contact.


If you know of anyone who might appreciate a call please let Miles or a member of the Ministry team know so that the most appropriate contact can be made.


We may currently be apart, but together we are stronger.


Please also be advised that the parish have received some diaries and if you have been unable to get to church but would like one please contact the ministry team who will try and arrange to send you a copy.


With every blessing



Miles Newton

02380 441124.

PearTree 400 Website

Following the latest guidance from the Church of England, it has been decided that Pear Tree Church will close during the Covid-19 National Lock down until further notice for all weekly Church Services.

1st Sunday after Epiphany - Hymn of the Week